Pizza Hut’s Wild Menu: Snake Pizza and More!

Hey, ever heard of snake pizza? Yup, you read that right! Pizza Hut in Hong Kong has joined forces with a super old-school joint to serve up something seriously different: snake pizza. They’re mixing shredded snake meat with black mushrooms and Chinese dried ham, all stuff you’d find in a classic snake stew. Sounds wild, right?

A Bit of Snake Cuisine

Believe it or not, some folks in Hong Kong and southern China are all about snake stew, especially when the chilly weather rolls in. There’s even a saying in Cantonese about the perfect time to munch on snakes – when autumn starts and these slithery creatures are gearing up for their hibernation.

And get this, people think snake meat works wonders for the body. Like, it’s supposed to make your skin glow and warm you up from the inside. Plus, it’s a big deal in other parts of Southeast Asia too, like Vietnam and Thailand, where they farm snakes for chow.

The Pizza Twist

So, Pizza Hut in Hong Kong’s jazzing up this snake meat by tossing it on a pizza with cheese and diced chicken. They’re saying it gives the meat a richer flavor, and hey, they even claim it helps with blood circulation, following the traditional Chinese medicine vibe.

Partnering up with Ser Wong Fun, this snake-centric restaurant that’s been around since 1895, Pizza Hut’s offering a 9-inch snake pizza with abalone sauce instead of the usual tomato base. And guess what? It’s only up for grabs until November 22.

What’s the Verdict?

Some lucky taste testers got their hands on this unique pizza and guess what they said? The snake texture’s pretty close to dry chicken. Can you imagine that?

But opinions are all over the place. Mabel Sieh, a foodie from Hong Kong, thinks it’s a bit creepy. She’s like, “Snakes aren’t food, especially in the West.”

But Rachel Wong, a Hong Kong local, is all about it. She’s been slurping snake soup since she was a kid and thinks this pizza’s a protein-packed winter treat. She says it’s kinda chicken-like but tastes fishy and seafoody.

Behind the Scenes

Karen Chan, big shot at Pizza Hut in Hong Kong and Macao, spilled the beans about the snake varieties they’re using – Chinese rat snakes, banded kraits, and white banded snakes. According to her, these extraordinary snake pizzas are all about nailing that perfect blend of flavors for the season.

What Else is Cooking?

Pizza Hut isn’t stopping there. They’re rolling out another new pizza, this time with Chinese preserved sausages straight out of a popular local dish. It’s like a warm hug for folks in Hong Kong when the weather cools down.

But hold up, Pizza Hut across Asia has a history of getting bold with their pizzas. Taiwan saw durian, pig blood curds, and preserved eggs on their pies. And Japan? They went all out with a Tonkotsu ramen pizza!

And Beyond Pizza Hut…

It’s not just Pizza Hut going wild. Domino’s joined the fun by putting boba – those chewy tapioca balls from bubble tea – on their pizza in Taiwan. They’re all about celebrating local dessert drinks gone global.

So, next time you think about a pizza order, who knows? You might end up with some seriously unexpected toppings!